David O. Russell’s Complex Characters

David O. Russell’s Complex Characters

(PG-13: Language) Jacob T. Swinney shows some of the twisted, convoluted characters that writer and director David O. Russell loves to create, like the damaged dancers in Silver Linings Playbook and the con men in American Hustle.

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Tarifkonflikt bei der Bahn: GDL droht mit langem Streik

Züger der Deutschen Bahn | Bildquelle: AP

„Diesmal wird es richtig lang“ – Die Lokführergewerkschaft GDL hat ein Tarifangebot der Deutschen Bahn abgelehnt und droht mit neuen Arbeitsniederlegungen. Zuvor hatte bereits die Gewerkschaft EVG Streiks ausdrücklich nicht ausgeschlossen. [mehr]

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Why £200 / $250 Is The 1080p Graphics Card Sweet Spot

Is this the best sub-£200 board you can buy?

What’s the best graphics card mere mortals can buy for around £200 / $250? This is a question for the ages. Or at least for a slow Thursday evening. In all seriousness, the £200 / $250 price point ticks a lot of important boxes. It’s been in and around the sweet spot for balancing price and performance for properly gameable graphics for a while. I reckon it’s also pretty near critical mass in terms of how much you lot are willing to spend on a video board. At a push, most of us can stretch to £200 / $250 if the payoff is great gaming. Luckily, it is.
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