Warzone ups its player count to 200, adds a tasty shopping contract

War, the crafty old bugger, has changed yet again. When you queue up for “quad” mode in Call Of Duty: Warzone, you’ll now have to battle (royale) it out amongst 199 other players. That’s 48 extra, and Warzone’s map certainly seems big enough to accommodate them. The solo, duo and trio modes all still only go up to 150.

The “Season Four Reloaded” update has also chucked in a new contract, a sniper rifle, and a separate spotter’s scope item that lets you peek at distant hills without having to worry about glint giving you away. There’s an upcoming new mode where someone gets to have a go with a mini-gun and put on fancy “Juggernaut” pants, too. I think. These are some very confusing patch notes.


from Rock, Paper, Shotgun https://ift.tt/2COCDGI

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