Transformers x Ghostbusters Ectotron

Transformers x Ghostbusters Ectotron

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The 1980s meets the 1980s with this fun mashup toy from Hasbro. The poseable figure is a model of Ghostbusters’ iconic Ecto-1 wagon that uses 22 moves to transform into a 7 inch-tall, ghost-zapping mech warrior. Includes a scale Slimer figure to go with.

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Hands-on preview – Total War Saga: Troy promises demanding, fast-paced strategy

Total War Saga: Troy

is out on August 13th and will be free at launch, and having played a demo battle which pitted Achilles’ Acheans against Hector’s Trojans, I’m intrigued to play more. I’ve chosen the word “intrigued” deliberately, here. Because while the tactical depth of what I played was impressive, and rooted itself emphatically in its semi-mythical setting, its multi-skilled infantry and attention-demanding heroes required a lot of micromanagement, and punished any forgetfulness on my part with a rapid spiral towards defeat. There was a lot to enjoy, in short, but I had to work for it.


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Valorant has a great bug where you fuse into other players

Oh, Valorant. If you read my Valorant review, you’ll know that the main emotion I associate with it is anguish. Playing in a group is grand, but playing by yourself is miserable, because of the internet. I think that feeling is crystallised in this video, where a bug fuses two players together and they get cross rather than becoming debilitated by laughter.


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Rocco Casalino: Der Mann, der Premier Conte schuf

Conte und Casalino | Bildquelle: imago images/Independent Photo A

Er war in Italiens erstem Big-Brother-Container. Jetzt ist Rocco Casalino in der Regierung in Rom einer der einflussreichsten Männer und ein Grund dafür, dass Ministerpräsident Conte in Umfragen gut dasteht. Von Jörg Seisselberg. [mehr]

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