Relegation in der Bundesliga: Union Berlin darf weiter hoffen

Berlins Marcel Hartel (l) im Zweikampf mit Stuttgarts Gonzalo Castro | Bildquelle: dpa

Noch-Zweitligist Union Berlin hat sich im Hinspiel der Relegation um den letzten vakanten Platz in der Bundesliga gegen den VfB Stuttgart eine gute Ausgangslage für das Rückspiel verschafft. Die Partie endete 2:2. [mehr]

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Jalopy is free on Humble, but you may have to race for it

A barely-functional car, a weird uncle in a bad jacket, a quest of self-discovery and seemingly endless machine-exhausting roads between you and your destination. Jalopy is free today, and a messy, unpredictable road-trip worth taking, although you might want to get a move on. Humble are giving away MinskWork’s eastern european driving adventure free for the next two days, with the offer vanishing on Saturday, 6pm BST, or “while supplies last”, which means it could end earlier. Curiously, no Steam key is given by default, but you can claim one for a single US dollar.


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Rapha Waterproof Rear Pack

Rapha Waterproof Rear Pack

Price: $130  | Buy

Rapha’s oversize bike pack not only protects your gear from getting wet, it also ensures that your bicycle stays stable while it’s attached. It’s secured to both the seatpost and the saddle rails for stability. An aluminum spine and a three-point harness cinches the bag to compress it.

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I Just Did a Bad Thing

I Just Did a Bad Thing


As one commenter put it “He’s still pretty far from making sense in the traditional way, but I think he’s getting closer.” Bill Wurtz’s catchy little track is all about a guy having a really bad day. We think it’s actually a retelling of Joker’s origin story. You be the judge.

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